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Uprooting Depression

Depression has roots. Perhaps, you may be asking, what are the roots of depression? And what should be done to pluck out its roots? In this book we intend to answer these questions. But the fact that most diseases are not being cured, leaves many believing that there is no solution for their problems. The good news is that our Heavenly Father is our Healer and He is Almighty to bring deliverance to our lives. Depression is not a lifestyle thing as many are about to accept. Depression hurts you and hurts the heart of our Heavenly Father as well. Therefore, I am honored to announce that the goal of the sacrifice of Jesus was to deliver us from hell and to deliver us from sadness, emptiness, and depression. Because we know that the thief came to steal, kill, and destroy everything, including our joy. Jesus came so that we can have eternal life and abundant life. The eternal life is for the next life, the abundant life is for this life. Eternal life is to be delivered from hell to enjoy heaven, abundant life is to be delivered from sadness, anxiety, and depression to enjoy God’s presence and blessings in this world.